Blog neglect

As I've been quite busy with my latest job, I have not dedicated time to regularly updating this blog.

If you're curious what I've been up to or what I find interesting, I suggest you try the social network links. I try to keep them pretty well connected, so feel free to pick your favorite. If you have any questions about me of other feedback, feel free to connect or contact me, either through your favorite social network or through the 'Contact Bryan' page provided. Thanks for stopping by, and I look forward to hearing from you.


IT Service Management channel at

I recently discovered the IT Service Management channel at thanks to a discussion on Linked In started by Craig Peterson.

I have not used before, but it looks like a great resource and I plan to investigate this and other channels. I think this will prove to be a valuable site, so I've added it to my Links page. In addition to ITSM, I am interested in more information on business intelligence, data warehousing and ETL.

Hopefully you will also find some useful resources there.


New Links

I recently adopted a new SquareSpace template for this site; one that includes more space to the right for navigation elements.

The Links page is new, and you may notice that my links to social sites have moved from the footer. I have also added a link to my shared Google Reader feed.

The Links page includes links to sites that I have discovered during the course of my recent job search, and I hope you might also find them helpful or interesting.


New Business Card Design Finalized

Thanks to everyone who provided feedback on the business card design

You can check out my Gallery page to see the final design.


Business Card Design Survey


 I invite you to help me launch the next phase of my career by voting on my new business card design. All constructive feedback is welcome.


Help me select a new business card design - Survey